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Lowongan kerja S1 and S2 in Dosen PGSD in Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta

New Lowongan Kerja 2011 : The course of study Primary School Teacher Education Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta, need at some of the lecturers:

General Terms

1. Preferred Minimum Diploma S2
2. S1 GPA of at least 3.00 for the social sciences and sciences 2.75 for the exact sciences
3. Uphold the integrity, has a good personality and attractive, able to appreciate the difference, dare to take the initiative and creative, able to work well together in teams, have a great motivation for the advancement of education,
4. More preferably the active master the English language

Special Conditions:

1. Indonesian Education Lecturers
Education S1 graduates Indonesian / Indonesian Language and Literature and S2 Indonesian Education / Elementary Education with a concentration of Indonesian Education
2. Lecturer of Mathematics Education
Mathematics Education Graduates S1 / S2 Mathematics and Mathematics Education / Mathematics Elementary Education with Concentration
3. Lecturer of Education Sciences
Biology Education Graduates S1 / S2 Biology and Biology Education / Elementary Education with a Concentration Biology / Science
4. Lecturer of Physics Education
Graduates of the Physics Education S1 / S2 Physics and Physics Education / Elementary Education with a concentration of Physics / Science
5. Civics Education Lecturers
Law Graduates S1 / S2 Civics and Civics Education
6. Lecturer of Psychology / Counseling
Graduates S1 Psychology / Counseling Psychology and S2 (Master of Science) / S2 Guidance Konseling/S2PLB
7. Lecturer of Fine Arts
Arts Education Graduates S1, S2 Graphic Design, mastering penmanship
8. Lecturer of Educational Research and Evaluation
Graduates Statistics S1, S2 Educational Research and Evaluation
9. Lecturer of English Education
Graduates S1 English Education / English and S2 English Education / English Language Studies
10. Learning Technology Lecturer
Informatics graduates S1, S2 Learning Technology
An application letter written on the seal, enclose:

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Recent photos fit size 4 × 6 in increments of 1 sheet affixed to the lower left corner of the cover letter
3. copy of valid certificate of S1 and S2
4. photocopy of valid ID card
5. photocopy of Birth Certificate
6. photocopy of Marriage Certificate for a married
7. Statement was never sentenced to imprisonment or confinement under a court decision which has had permanent legal force, for committing a crime, on a seal
8. Statement was never dismissed with no respect at his own request or not with respect as a Civil Servant, or dismissed with respect as Private Employees, on the seal

An application letter stating code: (DPGSD) written on the top left envelope and sent no later than December 15, 2011 to:

Sanata Dharma University

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